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Beta Qualification
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Beta Qualification Session

Bryan Athan, Bryan Kuklinski and George Tyson attended, by invitation, the Beta Participation Qualification session in Phoenix Arizona during August 12th – 16th. The session was created by RocketShip Tours with the assistance of XCOR Aerospace and was part of the development process for the Lynx participant qualification program.

All participants were housed at the upscale Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. Accommodations were pleasant and relaxing with an excellent and professional staff taking care of the participants needs.

View from room window View from room door The OCP room

The session included briefings from XCOR on the technical features of the Lynx, safety philosophy, primary / back up systems and the FAA risk acknowledgement paperwork. The presentations were well done and informative.

Lynx operation briefing Safety briefing Systems briefing

To check for claustrophobia participants donned a Russian space helmet with a standard flight suit and Ralph’s suit gloves.

BK Bryan George

Hypoxia training was done at the Arizona State University’s altitude chamber. Hypoxia is the lack of oxygen in the brain, and can happen when air pressure drops to lower than sea level. The body tries to compensate and uses more oxygen than it would on the ground. Participants were allowed to breath without oxygen masks at 25,000 feet to learn the symptoms of hypoxia. Here is an informative video on the ASU chamber and training

Physiology briefing Altitude Chamber Control Station

G training was provided by Chandler Air Service using a flight profile developed with XCOR. The flights occurred in a Pitts S-2C fully acrobatic aircraft and simulated the acceleration profile that would be experienced by a participant during a Lynx flight.

Bryan after the flight George ready to go BK after his flight

Overall the program was well done and informative. A few bugs still need to be worked out but everything will be ready for the first paying customers.

Group photo of participants and crew

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