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Past Events

Our 2006 Spaceflight Tour was a smashing hit. We traveled to 15 different events and had over 5,000 people fly our simulators. Some of the notable people that enjoyed our sims include Dick Rutan, Richard Hatch, The Ghost Hunters and Peter Diamandis.

Below are some of the highlights in pictures from the 2006 tour

Dick Rutan Richard Hatch
(Battlestar Galactica)
Ghost Hunters
Skip Stewart Peter Diamandis Rick Tumlinson
Tie fighter pilot
Ghost Hunters Fox Atlanta Affiliate
Morning show live
Set up at Oceana NAS Oceana Sioux Falls
X-Prize Cup NAS Jacksonville Civil Air Patrol
CAP Milwaukee Students for the Exploration
and Devlopment of Space
Amanda Brittany at
Georgia Tech
OCP crew in the
Painted Dessert
Trailer in the
Painted Dessert
Late evening
after airshow close
A special visitor
Ralph and a friend Ralph and Chef Paul Ralph blesses a student
Ralph the big brother Ralph & girl friend Ralph & other
girl friend
Raptor dreams

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