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Suborbital in the Copilot Seat

As a spaceflight participant riding the Lynx you will not be in the back of a bus looking out a porthole, instead you will be sitting in the copilot seat with a majestic view of the earth below. Each flight is a personal experience with just you, your pilot and the view out of the clear canopy.

The flight profile of Lynx provides an exciting and enriching personal space experience which promises to be the ride

of your life. The two-seat Lynx vehicle takes off horizontally from a runway with a powerful ascent reaching Mach 2 on its way to 200,000 feet. The inky blackness of space and spectacular view of Earthís curvature are unforgettable sights while experiencing weightlessness at apogee.

Since words alone canít describe this journey to the edge of space, Participants will be presented with a personalized high definition DVD recorded by onboard cameras and other mementos of their historic status as pioneering space tourists

The total cost of the Lynx flight experience is $95,000. This includes a five night stay at a luxury resort during training and preparation, medical evaluation and screening, the cancellation insurance policy, and of course the Lynx flight itself, which promises to be the greatest ride off Earth. A deposit of $20,000 begins the process of assigning the Participant to the training and qualification program.