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OCP is made up of a diverse group that is dedicated to the dream of commercializing space. Following are brief biographies of the people involved.

George Tyson is a longtime supporter of the private commercial use of space. His first experience with a space program occurred in college where he was part of the cooperative education (co-op) program working with NASA as an engineer in the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Operations Department. He worked on the first two shuttle flights (STS-1,STS-2) and it was while working with NASA that he realized that a program that truly utilized space would have to come from the private commercial sector and not government.

George Tyson was a Director within Space Frontier Operations, Inc. (SFO) for over 6 years helping them develop a space commercialization plan. The plan was all-inclusive in that it specified no reliance on government programs, equipment or sites. All vehicles, launch sites and space assets were to be privately owned for commercial purposes. It was during this time that George presented papers at the 38th and 39th Space Congress in Cape Canaveral on privately funded space programs.

George resigned his SFO directorship in 2002 to pursue other avenues within the private space realm. This included co-authoring a book entitled "Other Worlds: A Guide to Privately Financed Space Programs and Space Activists in the U.S." (not yet published), founding of Orbital Commerce Project (OCP), presenting papers at the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) and Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) as well as becoming a member of the FAA/AST Training Task-force.

George has a B.S. in Professional Administration from Barry University, is a certified Human Behavior consultant and has extensive experience in training and teaching.

Bryan Athan is the Business Unit Manager and one of the founding members of OCP. He first became actively involved in the civilian space industry prior to the creation of OCP when one of the members (and long time friend) of SFO recruited him as a way to put their ideas, concepts and technical drawings into presentable forms by way of CAD, 3D graphics and animations. Being a lifelong space enthusiast, he desired a more active role, and when George Tyson broke away from SFO, Bryan was one of the select few that saw the logic and vision in making that break. He became an integral part in construction, promotion, booking, logistics, transportation, coordination and management of the OCP Spaceflight Exhibit and the OCP 2006 Spaceflight Tour. Bryan manages, maintains and operates the simulators and peripherals for all exhibitions as well as many of the OCP day-to-day operations. He is also a musician, draftsman and graphic artist. Bryan created many of the graphics seen in this website as well as the background and layout of the Spaceflight Tour trailer, and virtually all the graphic art related to OCP.

Bryan Kuklinski, “BK”, began his aviation pursuits building and flying model rockets and radio controlled airplanes. He soloed in a Cessna 150 at age 17 and has since become a skilled professional aviator. He holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with multiple ratings and has flown in a plethora of aircraft. He is an experienced Flight Instructor for single and multi-engine airplanes with instrument rating. He has taught at a top-rated flight school working with international students in an airline oriented training program. He was recognized as Instructor of the Month for his efforts and has been awarded the FAA Gold Seal for maintaining a pass rate of better than 80% over two years. Bryan is currently developing an FAA approved rocket powered aircraft transition course that will allow commercial pilots to transition from traditionally powered aircraft to aircraft using rocket propulsion.

David Allen joined OCP mid-way through 2006. He has a Bachelors in Criminology, a P.O.S.T. certificate, and a Masters in Business. He brings a diverse background of business management and marketing to OCP. David spent 2 years touring the world as a professional factory snow skier for Spademen Sports and The Ski. Due to the rigors of touring and damage to his knees David retired from skiing and moved to Los Angeles to complete his college education. There he began a series of positions from the movie industry, through retail management. His big break came when he was hired as an executive recruiter for Wells Recruiting which later became Canon Group. His success led to many promotions and he left as Vice-president. David then opened his own executive search firm and went from 1 employee to 12 employees with an annual revenue of over $5 million. After 5 years he sold his business to explore other interests. Forming a small production company, Pit Squid Productions, he was on the cutting edge of early satellite television production. Specializing in motorsports, the company quickly grew and early in 1993 David sold the company to once again pursue other interests. David then moved to the fledgling computer industry, where he became Senior management for a large computer master reseller. Seeing the market shifting, David left for a position as president of a division of New Creative Systems, a Unix Computer broker. Growing the business by 100%, NCSI was sold. David then moved back to California where he started a brokerage of his own that grew to over $15 million in annual sales. David sold at the end of 1999, and moved into developing and building commercial and residential projects in central California. In 2006 he opened Alencocg LLC a consulting firm specializing in legislative and governmental affairs. David authored the white paper entitled “The Fiscal Impact of Carbon Reduction Legislation on Central Valley Agriculture”, as well as working on the “10 year plan to end Homelessness” in Central California. After 5 successful years operating in the Central Valley and Sacramento, David relocated to Southern California to better serve OCP and the burgeoning Commercial Spaceflight industry.David brings his business, sales and contract negotiation knowledge to O.C.P. to help grow and evolve all aspects of O.C.P.'s business model.

Ric Jordan is a retired naval intelligence officer and a retired McDonnell Douglas Engineer/Technical Writer. Holder of two A.S. degrees, he was formerly Marketing Director and Security Manager for Space Frontier Operations. He currently serves as Chief Scribe for OCP, and is also a published freelance writer co-authoring a book on the financial growth of the NewSpace industry.

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