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About OCP

Orbital Commerce Project, Inc. is dedicated to enabling the commercial human spaceflight industry through promotion, investment, acquisition and creation of new technologies, processes, personnel and corporations.

The goal of OCP is to achieve permanent human habitation of space by 2026, where habitation is defined as people engaging in all activities of life normally done on Earth.

Until recently investors believed that space was the sole purview of governments and that it would be nearly impossible for a private enterprise to successfully build and operate a business based on space operations. The successful flight of Scaled Composite’s SpaceShipOne, along with the related media attention it garnered, provided impetus for the development of the space related industry in the private sector. The United States government has also contributed, passing the “Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004” (H.R. 5382) which allows for light regulation in the initial stages of this newly forming industry. The Futron Corporation has quantified the demand for space tourism in its Space Tourism Market Study, estimating the space tourism market to be worth over $700 million a year with 15,000 passengers annually. Because of these events, forward-looking investors now recognize that a privately operated business based on suborbital flight is not only a possibility, but a reality for the near future.

OCP was formed in 2004 to take advantage of this new environment. Through strategic partnerships and investments OCP has begun to move forward and is quickly becoming an integral part of the new space industry.

While many companies are planning on providing services directly to the end consumer, such as space rides for tourists, we believe that a sustainable plan that is expandable is to support the industry. The new space industry is going to require training, vehicles, ground support, promotional assets, etc. if it is to be profitable and safe. By satisfying these needs, and not directly competing, we insure that OCP will become a mainstay of the industry and expand as the other companies grow.

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